PREMIUM RANGE – Veneered Lamellas Exceeding Standards

Interior design with the use of veneer lamellas

The PREMIUM RANGE is a unique collection of veneered lamellas that faithfully replicate the look of natural wood. These exceptional decorative elements will not only grant your space a unique character but will also eliminate common problems associated with using traditional wooden strips, such as warping, twisting, or cracking.

PREMIUM vs Standard range

Unlike standard lamellas, the PREMIUM RANGE offers more than just a veneered front surface. Our lamellas are veneered on three sides, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of wood from every perspective. This ensures that, regardless of the angle from which you look, you will always perceive the authentic wooden structure, adding warmth and naturalness to your interior.

Visualization of Gama Premium veneered lamellas

Slats: Natural Veneer

PREMIUM RANGE lamellas are coated with natural veneer, giving them an elegant and noble appearance. As a result, your space will gain sophistication and style. The veneer, faithfully reflecting the wood structure, adds authenticity to the lamellas while simultaneously guaranteeing durability and resistance to damage.

Photo of veneered lamella on felt base

Base: Felt Base

The base of PREMIUM RANGE lamellas is made of felt, composed of 60% recycled PET bottles. The felt is dyed black, adding elegance and style. Moreover, the felt base enhances acoustic properties, which translates into user comfort. Thus, PREMIUM RANGE lamellas represent not only beauty but also practicality.

Detail photo of veneered lamella on HDF board base

Base: HDF board

Another type of base used for PREMIUM RANGE lamellas is an HDF board. A rigid, laminated 3mm-thick HDF board facilitates clean wall mounting. With its durability and resistance to deformation, the HDF board guarantees the lamellas’ stability and longevity. Furthermore, the laminated surface is easy to clean, crucial in areas prone to dirt. By choosing PREMIUM RANGE lamellas with an HDF board base, you opt for not only aesthetics but also practicality and durability.

Visualization of the living room with veneer trim

Advantages of the PREMIUM RANGE

PREMIUM RANGE lamellas are not just about the beauty of natural wood. They also offer a range of advantages that set them apart from other products on the market:

  • They are designed for indoor use, which means they will work well in any room in a house or office.
  • The installation is quick and easy, with the use of adhesive or black screws. Therefore, even if you have no experience in renovation works, you will handle the lamella installation effortlessly.
  • They are made of eco-friendly materials, which means that by choosing them, you are taking care of the environment.
  • They improve the room’s acoustics, making them an ideal solution for those who value comfort and silence.
Visualization of veneer lamella in the living room


The PREMIUM RANGE offers veneered lamellas that surpass the standards. Thanks to their unique properties, they not only add character and style to your space but also provide comfort and functionality at the highest level. Choose the PREMIUM RANGE and enjoy the beauty of natural wood without its typical drawbacks.

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