House facade 2024 with fins and more…. 5 facade ideas with modern materials

The facade of the house is a harbinger of what awaits in the interiors. In addition to aesthetic value, the facades of a house are also an important part of the design of any building, and the lack of proper exterior protection has a negative impact on the condition of the facade. Therefore, the best facade for a house…

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Fllow the Inspiration: Ideas for Arrangements with Upholstered Panels

The world of interiors offers endless possibilities for creation, transforming spaces, and expressing oneself. One of the tools that can assist in this are upholstered panels. Thanks to a variety of patterns and colors, these panels perfectly fit into various decorative styles, from minimalist, through Scandinavian, to eclectic. What distinguishes them is their versatility of use. They can be…

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sypialnia z panelem tapicerowanym Palms Olive


Fllow's milled panels are true masterpieces that transform your walls into works of art. These unique geometric patterns will bring an unmatched modern character to your interiors. By choosing our panels, you're investing in extraordinary aesthetics, set to become one of the main elements of your interior design. BAMBOO The BAMBOO panels represent a unique blend of modern design…

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wizualizacja paneli frezowanych

Upholstered Panels – Your Key to Unlimited Creativity

Upholstered panels are extremely versatile decorative elements that can completely transform the look and feel of any room. With a wide range of available colors and materials, upholstered panels allow for unlimited creativity and personalization of the space. Variety of Applications Upholstered panels can be used in many different places in the house. They can serve as a bed…

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Llamas are a great way to add character and style to any space. But how do you install them yourself? In this article, we will show you step by step how to carry out the installation of fins to enjoy their beauty and functionality for many years. 1. Prepare your tools The first step in the lamella installation…

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PREMIUM RANGE – Veneered Lamellas Exceeding Standards

The PREMIUM RANGE is a unique collection of veneered lamellas that faithfully replicate the look of natural wood. These exceptional decorative elements will not only grant your space a unique character but will also eliminate common problems associated with using traditional wooden strips, such as warping, twisting, or cracking. PREMIUM vs Standard range Unlike standard lamellas, the PREMIUM RANGE…

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LAMELS – the way to modern and original interiors.

Llamas are an interior decorative element that is becoming increasingly popular. They are stylish, timeless, elegant and striking. They perfectly diversify the appearance of the interior. They add character, chic and class. They make the phrase "it's kind of luxurious here" come to mind when being surrounded by them. In which interiors do they work best? How is their…

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