Fllow the Inspiration: Ideas for Arrangements with Upholstered Panels

The world of interiors offers endless possibilities for creation, transforming spaces, and expressing oneself. One of the tools that can assist in this are upholstered panels. Thanks to a variety of patterns and colors, these panels perfectly fit into various decorative styles, from minimalist, through Scandinavian, to eclectic. What distinguishes them is their versatility of use. They can be placed practically anywhere: in the bedroom, living room, children’s room, or office. Here are a few ideas on how you can use Fllow upholstered panels to create a unique atmosphere in interiors.

Cosmos upholstered panel
COSMOS Upholstered panel

Journey into the Depths of Space

Create a room for your little astronaut, inspired by the unexplored expanses of space. A space full of stars, planets, and rockets will make your little one feel like they are on a real space mission. The COSMOS upholstered panel, combined with minimal accessories and neutral colors, will not only delight the youngest space lovers but also ensure your child’s safety during play.

Upholstered panel PALMS OLIVE
Upholstered panel PALMS OLIVE

Immerse Yourself in a Tropical Oasis

Create your own exotic place in the bedroom by introducing tropical patterns. The combination of delicate wooden elements with the natural palm motif of the PALMS OLIVE panel will create an atmosphere full of peace and relaxation, ideal for regeneration after a long day. Add muted, earthy colors of bedding to this, and fall asleep every day in a paradise of aesthetics and comfort.

CANVAS Upholstered Panel

Simple Elegance of a Modern Dining Room

Remember the balance between functionality and style when creating a dining room space. Simple, gray CANVAS upholstered panels on the walls can add warmth while maintaining a minimalist design. Light gray panels add warmth to this contemporary space, creating the perfect backdrop for family meals.

BOOM! upholstered panel

BOOM! Welcome Energy and Creativity!

A wall with a cartoon theme can become the focal point of a room, inspiring creative play and adding energy to any day. BOOM upholstered panel! is like a comic book that came to life on your child’s bedroom wall. With a cartoon-inspired print, this panel protects not only the wall, but also the toddler during playtime.

NIGHT SKY and PALMS BLUE upholstered panels

Depth of Color in Your Living Room

Immerse your living room in the depth of color by introducing NIGHT SKY and PALMS BLUE upholstered panels. These two different textures and patterns create dynamic contrasts that introduce energy and life into space. The rich, dark blue shade of the NIGHT SKY panels adds a touch of mystery to the space, while the PALMS BLUE panels with a palm leaf print bring a touch of nature. This combination adds depth and character to the wall, making the living room a unique and stylish meeting place.

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