Fllow’s milled panels are true masterpieces that transform your walls into works of art. These unique geometric patterns will bring an unmatched modern character to your interiors. By choosing our panels, you’re investing in extraordinary aesthetics, set to become one of the main elements of your interior design.


The BAMBOO panels represent a unique blend of modern design and inspiration drawn straight from nature. The thoughtful pattern of these panels, resembling the structure of bamboo, captures the eye and gives the interior an extraordinary, warm climate. Their use is like interweaving a piece of real nature into modern, urban interiors—proof that style and respect for nature can go hand in hand. By choosing BAMBOO panels, you not only add aesthetics to your interiors but also coziness and warmth.

Visualization of the use of Bamboo milled panel
Visualization of the use of milled panel Skos


The milled Diagonal panel is the essence of the classic in a modern rendition. Its pattern of diagonal lines brings harmony and coherence to the interiors, adding a dynamic character. This solution is for those who value elegance combined with a touch of modernity. The Diagonal panel proves that classic design can unexpectedly shift into the realm of modernity, making it perfect for any space where you want to conjure an atmosphere of elegance.


The Herringbone panels are the quintessence of modernity combined with functionality. Their pattern is inspired by geometric shapes that will give your walls dynamism and energy. By choosing Herringbone panels, you opt for a modern, creative approach to interior design. These panels are a testament to your individual style and boldness in creating unique spaces.

Visualization of the use of herringbone milled panel
Visualization of use, Honeybee milled panels + base


By choosing the set of Honeybee + Base panels, you become the creator of your own unique wall pattern. You can freely experiment, creating your own compositions that will reflect your personality. This line of panels gives you creative freedom in designing spaces – a unique opportunity to express yourself through interior design.


With the Modern panel, you can give your interiors a unique, individual character. With it, you can create unique compositions that will make your interiors a true reflection of your style. With the Modern panel, your interior will become a place where functionality meets refined design. This panel gives you limitless arrangement possibilities – you can create harmonious, symmetrical compositions, but also dare to create creative, bold contrasts. Regardless of your approach to design, the Modern panel will allow you to fully express yourself.

Visualization of the use of the Modern milled panel

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