House facade 2024 with fins and more…. 5 facade ideas with modern materials

The facade of the house is a harbinger of what awaits in the interiors. In addition to aesthetic value, the facades of a house are also an important part of the design of any building, and the lack of proper exterior protection has a negative impact on the condition of the facade. Therefore, the best facade for a house is one that protects against the destructive effects of external factors and ensures the impeccable appearance of the facade for many years.  

House facade 2024 – white, laths and… conscious choices

House facade in white, how about house facades with NSE stone? In 2024, we choose consciously, combining individual needs with maintaining a natural balance. This creates living and working spaces that are no longer static and provide many different uses. Here is a ranking of the most popular trends for home facades in 2024.

1. lineo Exterior Board – modern facade board

The façade of the house? In 2024, we are directing our sights toward solutions that provide user comfort and minimize labor.

Facade board
Lineo Exterior Board
is a way to aesthetically build up a facade. The technology used provides a stable facade development. Lineo Exterior Board is extruded at high temperatures. It also has an additional polymer coating that protects against color loss and stains. Such technology ensures a long service life. It also makes the exterior facade of the house get an interesting design.

The board is easy to clean. Its spatial structure emphasizes its unique character. An additional advantage is the insulation function, so you get additional soundproofing of the building.

2. modern facade and Lineo Exterior Lamel  

Slats on the outside?

The structure of the lamellas, which have been an interesting interior design in recent months, also works well outdoors. This gives the exterior facade of the building an interesting style.

Thanks to the polymer coating, the lamella facade maintains impeccable color and stain resistance. It is also easy to install and requires no waterproofing. The result is a modern and aesthetically pleasing facade cladding that is resistant to changing weather conditions.

3. House elevations 2024: contrast still popular

In 2024, home facade materials are a combination of… contrasts. This is an increasingly popular trend in modern facade designs.  

Years ago, wood or wood-like tiles were used – especially in combination with the once fashionable gray color. Today, stone and plaster are combined, as well as elements modeled after natural wood, such as facade boards with NSE concrete tiles.  

Such solutions provide an interesting appearance and allow to meet the various needs of buildings. In this way, we aim to transform domestic spaces into safe places that promote well-being and affect various senses.  

4. white – always a good choice 

White facade is still popular. And it is still popularly combined with large windows, which enhance the aesthetics and create the impression of open space.   

The white, combined with a band of large windows, leaves plenty of room for arrangement. The subdued color scheme makes the body of the house more expressive.  

White facades are one of the trends in 2024. Just like large windows in homes that, when opened in summer, cease to be a barrier between the garden and the interior, white allows spaces to be transformed into places conducive to well-being. This is especially true for residential homes, but often also for offices and public buildings. Nowadays, they are created to have a positive impact on various senses. All this to make you feel comfortable in any space.  

5. elevation and… ecology

How about a house facade with stone?

In 2024, the trend is still to plan living and utility spaces in a way that makes daily life easier and allows for an independent and eco-friendly lifestyle. According to this idea, spaces are created in the spirit of microliving, modularity and customization. And such standards are met by the facades of houses with NSE facade stone.

“Green” approach is nothing more than an alternative to natural stone – in the form of decorative tiles, produced using NSE technology.

NSE is a concrete-based decorative tile that combines aesthetics and durability. UV printing technology ensures high realism, and the UV inks used are eco-friendly polymer inks without solvents. They can also be used indoors.

With NSE, a modern trend is gained when it comes to stone house facades, and the exterior facades of the house are a response to the needs of modern times.

Importantly, such solutions are now considered innovations that provide comfort and minimize environmental impact. At the same time, they affect aesthetics, making us realize the importance of every gesture and concern for preventing and reversing the degradation of Nature.

In 2024, we promote solutions that allow us to combine aesthetics and durability.

In this way, facades become a showcase for any building and a preview of what awaits inside. The latest trends, such as alternative NSE concrete tiles and facade laths, are now being discovered in the ventures of celebrities and respected brands, as well as in private homes. They are created with the need for daily comfort and well-being in mind.

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