LAMELS – the way to modern and original interiors.

Llamas are an interior decorative element that is becoming increasingly popular. They are stylish, timeless, elegant and striking. They perfectly diversify the appearance of the interior. They add character, chic and class. They make the phrase “it’s kind of luxurious here” come to mind when being surrounded by them.
In which interiors do they work best? How is their construction and installation? Is it really worth it to opt for them? You will learn about this, and more, in this article.

Let’s start at the beginning.

The use of wooden wall coverings as decoration or insulation begins as early as the 13th century. Their history is long and rich. However, what we most associate with the term is the People’s Republic. Do you remember the wood paneling in your grandmother’s apartment? Flat wooden slats attached to the wall or ceiling? It was a hit. They improved the acoustics and thermal insulation of the interior, protected the walls from dirt and further enhanced the prestige of the apartment. Along with the furniture and wooden bead curtains in the kitchen passageway, they have become a symbol of the era. Fashion likes to make a comeback, but it hates repetition in a 1:1 reflection. Hence, modern laths in their own way you may associate with a retro wall, but they are quite different. Nowadays, thin, simple decorative moldings of various cross-sections and finishes fall under this name. They are still mainly made of wood and wood-based materials. However, you can also find laths made of other materials on the market, such as thermoformed plastic laths. (Check out our LINEO series laths)

Among other things, FLLOW offers you laths made of medium-density fiberboard( MDF) on a thick felt backing. Our bestseller is a lamella finished in oak veneer. However, are you looking for something in color or a different wood grain? No problem. We invite you to get acquainted with the MONOCOLOUR series of veneer lamellas. The slats with the dimensions of W. 2.9 x D. 1.1 x H. 265 cm, are covered with decorative veneer printed on paper of different weights. Thanks to impregnation in the mass, the base paper gains high parameters of elasticity and resistance to tearing. As a result, this type of veneer does not require additional finishing and can be printed and varnished in-line (“in-line” printing).

The simple form of the lamellas, the range of colors and the materials used make them fit virtually any interior, but we recommend them for several leading styles. First of all, the ideal place would be a living room or bedroom decorated in Scandinavian style. Oak veneer fits well with the northern aesthetic, which emphasizes natural materials first, in this case wood. Lamellar decorations also go perfectly with minimalist or industrial arrangements – and in both light and dark colors.

We already know where they came from, what they are, and what interiors they fit into. Just how to install them?

It might seem that the installation of wall fins is a difficult and time-consuming task. Nothing could be further from the truth! Making a wall of lamellas will not cause major difficulties even for novice interior decorators. First of all, the installation of this type of decoration does not require drilling into the walls, and therefore does not cause a lot of mess. Of course, you can choose the second way and attach them to the strips screwed on the wall beforehand, using screws. Both solutions work well as a way to quickly refresh the interior design. You don’t need special tools or a lot of interior design experience to do this. All you have to do is stock up on, among other things. with mounting glue or a screwdriver, an upholstery knife, assembly instructions and a little willingness and free time. Remember that the substrate should be smooth, cleaned and as degreased as possible. Choose where to decorate, arrange the pattern of your choice and you’re done! Your original and stylish decoration is now ready. Order and see for yourself how satisfying the laths are – their effect in the interior and the fact that you can install them yourself!

Karolina Polchlopek

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