Wall slats are a stylish and modern solution for quick and easy interior arrangement. Thanks to their spatial structure and the materials used, they improve acoustics and optically enlarge the space. Flat, thin slats combined with felt create 30 x 265 cm panels. You can attach them to walls, ceilings, vertically or horizontally. But it is not everything! You don’t have to put them in full. Cut as you like and assemble as you like. They are also great as a decoration for a kitchen island or the front of a cabinet. Let your creativity run wild.

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Your space speaks about you. Now its shaping is as simple and convenient as ever. Because you have Fllow decorative panels. And they…have great potential! Pleasantly soft to the eye and to the touch, in a whole range of geometric shapes and over a dozen trendy colors – from sage and emerald, through dusty pink, to dove gray – they give you a full field for endless show-offs. Do you play green? We focus on diversity and ecology. Fllow modules are made of recycled materials, with a variety of weaves and colors. Choose from delicate and smooth velvets, through fine weaves, to textures of natural linen. Or maybe you prefer imitation leather, suede or woven plaid? Do you value functionality? You will appreciate the fact that they not only dress, but also warm and dampen the interior, and they are easy to clean. And you will install them yourself. Sounds good? So Do it yourself. My way. to feel really at home.

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Make wood a home in your home. If you are looking for a way to create a warm and modern interior, wooden wall panels are an idea for you. They will bring an interesting and designer flair that you will surely like. Get to know our panels better.

Wooden panels – the way to a designer interior

By using wood for interior finishing, you get a chance to create a truly original composition. Wooden panels are perfect for Boho arrangements, or in rustic or loft interiors. Despite this, their use is not limited to the styles mentioned. A huge advantage is the natural charm. Wooden wall panels bring warmth to the interior, making it more cozy and friendly. The one you want to live in! At the same time, they fit in with modern architectural trends, allowing you to create a really interesting interior design. Thus, they are the golden mean between what is friendly and what is fashionable.

Our wood panels are, of course, made of natural materials. The warm color range of the presented collections is their next advantage. Although they all delight with natural beauty, they differ in details that can determine the final effect. Fortunately, thanks to the wide range of collections to choose from, you will surely find wooden wall panels in our store that will perfectly match the atmosphere of your interior.

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